Features & Specs
Interim Tier 4-emission certified engine
25-percent more foot room
Connect-under-pressure auxiliary couplers
Lower cab noise levels

A shining example of customer input.

The 332E was shaped by customers like you. They wanted more foot room, so we designed a flat floor with 25-percent more of it. They asked for easy hydraulic attachment, so we added connect-under-pressure auxiliary couplers. They liked our engine side shields but thought they could install more securely. We agreed and improved the design. They asked for automotive-style courtesy lighting, so now lights can be preset to stay on for up to a 90-second interval before shutting down after the operator exits the machine. Then there are a host of new options, such as available electrohydraulic (EH) controls you can switch to ISO, H-pattern, or foot pedal controls for operation with the push of a button. Plus, the 332E boasts more power while maintaining our patented vertical-lift boom for exceptional lift height and reach. And its EPA Interim Tier 4 engine features automatic cleaning without impacting machine operation in most conditions.


Rated Power97 hp @ 2500 rpm
Operating Weight9610 lb
Tipping Load6400 lbs


Your words carry a lot of weight too.

  • Although not exactly a sunroof, the bolt-on top window on cab-equipped models removes quickly for increased ventilation and/or easy cleaning.
  • Standard courtesy lighting stays on up to 90 seconds after the engine is shut down, illuminating the way for easier exits out 5 of dark barns or off after-hour jobsites.

Open the door to a more productive day.

  • Triple-interlock operator-presence system automatically applies the brakes when the lap bar is raised, the operator leaves the seat, or the engine is shut down.
  • Expansive curved front glass, large top window, and low side windows make it easy to see the surrounding jobsite. Even with an expanded engine compartment, best-in-class sightlines provide a clear view of the action behind you, as well.
  • Flat floors in the 326E, 328E, and 332E provide 33-percent-more comfort-lending foot room. Make getting in and out of the cab easier, too.
  • Fully adjustable pull-down padded lap bar provides comfortable arm support.
  • HVAC system employs eight automotive-style louvers to direct warm or cold air flow where it's appreciated most - on the operator. For production-boosting year-round comfort.
  • Cabs and floors are tightly sealed and pressurized to keep out dust and noise.
  • We've got your back with a sculpted air ride or mechanical-suspension seat to help smooth the ride. Choose either a cloth or vinyl air-suspension seat in cab-equipped models.
  • Storage box, cup holder, and iPod/ cell-phone holder (with nearby 12-volt power port) provide plenty of room to stow your stuff.

Set your sites on getting more done.

  • Superior axle torque and impressive bucket breakout deliver the leverage and traction to dig in where others just spin. For best-in-class pushing, prying, and digging power.
  • Optional ride control's shock-absorbing boom cylinders cushion bumps, helping retain full bucket loads all the way to your destination. Help speed navigation over rough terrain, too.
  • Impressive tipping load and rated operating capacities empower our E-Series Skid Steers to master an ever-changing variety of material-handling tasks.
  • Some jobs can be a real stretch. Our patented boom design clears high sideboards and even dumps to the center of tandem-axle trucks.
  • These are our most powerful skid steers ever. Larger field-proven ultra-reliable diesels deliver more displacement and significantly more torque rise and usable power, while meeting EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4)/EU Stage IIIB and Final Tier 4 (FT4)/ Stage IV regulations.
  • E-Series' unequalled ability comes from a design that optimizes hydraulics, lift capabilities, and pushing forces.
  • Fully electronic injection systems aid cold-weather starting and enable E-Series engines to run at lower rpm without sacrificing power. For longer life and better fuel efficiency.
  • Fast ground speeds and large bucket capacities enable these nimble material movers to make the most of every cycle. Need even more speed? Opt for a two speed transmission.

Become a "controls freak."

  • Overhead panel conveniently places machine info on the left, control switches to the right. Easy-to-read LCD monitor accesses a wealth of machine info and control - including vital operating conditions and advanced diagnostics.
  • Joystick buttons, rotary switch, and triggers actuate and control the auxiliary hydraulics/flow rates, boom float, and two-speed transmission.
  • Optional keyless-start sealed-switch panel includes an anti-theft system with one owner and five individual codes. And simple fingertip control of numerous options.
  • EH joysticks are standard on the 328E and 332E; optional on the 318E, 320E, and 326E. They're our smoothest and most responsive yet, providing enhanced control and operating ease.
  • EH Joystick Performance Package lets an operator customize operation and response to personal preferences through the SSM:
    • Attachment control operates hydraulic-powered additions such as augers or breakers.
    • Creeper control allows slow incremental travel speeds while maintaining full engine and hydraulic power. It's ideal for work with cold planers or trenchers.
    • Boom and bucket speed settings enable precision (slow), utility (normal), and productivity (fast) responses.
    • Switchable controls let you choose ISO or H-pattern.
    • Propel aggressiveness modes set travel/steering response rates. Precision is ideal for work in tight spaces. Utility is for normal operation. Production delivers faster response for stockpiling and truck loading.

Work our connections as you expand yours.

  • Our skid steers are also your foul weather friends. Equipped with snow blower, snow pusher, blade, or angle broom, they make quick work of cleaning up whatever drops your way.
  • Bust through with any of our four breakers. Their low-pressure nitrogen charged design cushions both machine and operator.
  • Perfect for concrete or asphalt flatwork - our angle brooms, rollers, cold planers, and wide variety of buckets let you hit the road running.
  • Our offering of landscape and nursery tools continues to grow and includes rotary tillers, augers, pallet forks, power rakes, landplanes, dozer blades, and roller levels, to list just a few.
  • For handling feed, cleaning out pens, re-bedding stalls, or numerous other chores - we've got the utility grapples, manure scrapers, forks, bale spears, and buckets to get it done.

Nothing runs like a Deere, because nothing is built like one.

  • Industry-exclusive design separates coolers in an innovative V-shape configuration that's 10-percent-more efficient. Large aluminum hydraulic cooler and radiator provide the necessary capacity for high-ambient-temperature operation.
  • Hydraulic-driven variable-speed fan runs only as fast or frequently as needed - for improved power and fuel efficiency, and decreased noise and debris flow through the coolers. Exclusive reversible option can be set to automatically reverse as often as the application dictates to clear core-clogging buildup.
  • Rear bumper with integral tie-downs protects cooling components from run-ins with obstacles. Add the optional heavy-duty rear grille for even more durability.

Maintenance made Easy.

  • Daily servicing is quick and convenient. Simply lift the gas-shock-supported hood for ground-level access to check fluids and refuel.
  • Removable rear side panels allow wide-open service access and are easier to remove and replace. Stronger, too.
  • Through-the-monitor onboard diagnostics help speed troubleshooting.
  • These skid steers share components such as engines with our CTLs and compact excavators, making it easier to ensure you always have the right filters and fluids on hand.
  • Fluid-fill and service checkpoints are grouped and color-coded. And a conveniently displayed maintenance chart helps ensure that nothing gets overlooked.
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF) service interval is 3,000 hours, and can be done by your John Deere dealer.
  • V-plenum cooling-system design resists debris buildup and makes radiator and cooler cores easier to clean.
  • Because no maintenance beats low maintenance, engine serpentine belts never need adjustment.
  • Compare the cost of parts and labor for recommended maintenance with other makes. The E-Series will save you significant money.
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