Refuse Compactors

Refuse compactors come in several sizes and weights, from 50,000-pound class units to 120,000-pound machines. Though the common thought is that bigger must be better, that is not always the case. To find the appropriate machine size to maximize return on investment, site managers must relate machine size to the landfill's daily tonnage or tons per day (tpd) and the delivery rate during the site's peak hours.
Refuse Compactors Working Width Centrifugal Force Operating Weight
BC 1172 RB-2 120000 lb
BC 472 RB 52900 lb
BC 572 RB-2 63052 lb
BC 672 RB-2 71000 lb
BC 772 RB-2 81205 lb
BC 972 RB-2 101630 lb