Redefine the capabilities of your dozer.

The 3D-MCMAXsystem uses MC2+ IMU Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) sensors that enable you to blade faster and smarter, without the need of a mast.

The increased response time with our MC2+ IMU's working together enables you to make tighter turns, cut smoother grades, and expand your work potential beyond normal automated dozing applications.

  • Grade on any slope with rapid blade response times
  • Mastless, no more daily set up and take down procedure
  • No blade bouncing
  • Single or dual antenna configurations
  • Supports 4-way, 6-way, fixed and pitch enabled blades
  • Perform detailed as-builts with “bottom of the track” data


DescriptionHigh-performance grading


Rapid blade response technology
Built tough for any environment, the IMU sensors mounted on the body and blade deliver update rates to the system keeping the blade on grade at high speeds.

Intuitive control box
The robust design of the GX-55 control box is delivered in a lightweight, compact, aluminum housing - complete with integrated LED light bars, a graphical interface and fast data processor.

Versatile motion control interface
The MC-R3 is an interchangeable receiver with integrated boards for GNSS, radio, and controller to receive RTK corrections as ewll as drive valves of the machine.

Fence AntennaTM technology
Conveniently mounted on the cab of the machine, the MC-G3 antenna captures all available GNSS satelite signals while identifying and rejecting signal noise- for ultimate grade control.


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