200 Series


  • Weight - 844 lb
  • Pin Diameter - 3.15"
  • Pin Spread - 16.93" - 20.47"

Get a Solid Grip on Safety.

The Brandt variable pin grabber is purpose-built for secure connections to maximize safety on your jobsites. Its locking mechanisms keep your attachments in the working position at all times, preventing a dangerous swinging bucket in the event a hydraulic failure. And, the hydraulic interlock requires the coupler to be fully curled under the arm to release the attachment, making accidental drops virtually impossible. In fact, this rigorously tested design is fully compliant with ISO 13031, EN 474, and AS 4772 safety standards, so you can always work with absolute confidence.



  • Locking wedge keeps the rear pin secured in the event of hydraulic failure without relying on gravity, preventing a swinging attachment.
  • Hydraulic check valve maintains pressure in the cylinders in the event of hydraulic hose breakage until proper function is restored.
  • Rear latch supports the locking wedge in securing the pin, ensuring a safe, reliable connection to the attachment.
  • Hydraulic interlock requires the coupler to be fully curled towards the cab in order to be disengaged, preventing accidental attachment drops.
  • Cycle times are faster than the competition, saving valuable time with each transition between attachments.
  • Bevelled front-pin hooks adjust to the attachment, enabling perfect alignment for faster, easier connections.
  • Integrated lifting hook is designed to match the capability of the excavator, maximizing the coupler’s utility.
  • Multi-pin design enables compatibility with any OEM pin specs within the same machine series for the ultimate in flexibility.
  • Versatile connection enables attachments to be coupled in forward and reverse orientations, making it easy to dig in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Fully-compatible with Brandt pin grabber-specific buckets and thumbs to take on a wider range of tasks.


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