13110HP OT

$400 Rebate on Brandt Swing Away Augers
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For easier truck unloading the Brandt HP Open Top Auger is the perfect companion for the Brandt GrainDeck. Simply drive over the GrainDeck and let the equipment do the rest. The high capacity conveyor feeds the open top auger boot on the HP Auger, unloading your trucks pain free and fast.

Sizes available:

  • 13": 70', 90', 110'


13110HP OT
Height12' 10" - 73' 0"
Length110 ft
Capacity11900 bu/hr


Open Top Auger Boot

  • The traditional Swing Away auger boot is replaced with the Open Top collapsible hopper at the intake end of the main auger allowing the GrainDeck to easily feed the Auger. This makes the Brandt 13" HP Open Top Auger the perfect companion for the Brandt GrainDeck Drive-Over Conveyor.

Attachment Options

  • 13" Plastic Bucket Spout
  • Reversing Kit
  • Hopper Cover
  • Safety Chain
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