210G LC

210G LC

Arm yourself to get more done.

When you’re ready to take aim at your bottom line, arm yourself with the 210G LC. Stronger This excavator is loaded with enhancements that not only increase productivity and uptime, but lower daily operating costs, too. A high-efficiency “on-demand” cooling system, advanced multifunction monitor, and three productivity modes to allow you to choose your digging style headline the long list of advances. Delivering the power, smoothness, and control you expect from John Deere, the 210G LC come with everything you need to get more done.


Rated Power 159 hp @ 1900 rpm
Operating Weight 50463 lb
Digging Depth 263 in



Key Features

  • Powerwise III management system.
  • Best-in-class metering
  • Cool-on-demand variable-speed fan.

Hydraulics and Boom

  • Faster hydraulic system significantly boosts productivity. You’ll experience more drawbar pull, more swing torque and higher lift capacities, and increased arm digging force on most models. Need precision and predictability? You’ll fall in love with the way you can guide the bucket or other attachment exactly where you want it, and where you expect it to go. Short-throw controls require little effort to use.
  • Welded bulkheads within the boom resist torsional stress. Boom arms and mainframe are so tough, they’re warranted for three years or 10,000 hours.

Tier 3 Engine

  • Tier 3 emission-certified John Deere diesels deliver excellent fuel economy and emission compliance and run significantly quieter. Power without compromise in all conditions.
  • Three modes can be selected to match the engine rpm to the operating conditions and application. The new E mode for light duty work reduces fuel consumption, without sacrificing productivity. The H/P (high power) mode increases engine rpm to boost horsepower for working through tough spots. Engine rpm automatically returns to normal once the resistance is overcome.
  • Auto-idle automatically reduces engine speeds when hydraulics aren’t in use, making the most of every precious drop of fueld.
  • Extended engine and hydraulic oil service intervals increase uptime and reduce daily operating costs.

Cooling System and Reversing Fan

  • The hydraulically drive, cool-on-demand, variable speed fan runs only as needed, keeping the machine operating at optimum temperature, while reducing noise, fuel consumption and operating costs. An optional reversing fan on the 160D and 200D automatically blows debris out of the cooling cores, greatly reducing buildup and increasing uptime.


  • The beefed-up undercarriage on the new D-Series delivers unsurpassed reliability. Large upper and lower rollers, with stronger idlers and thicker links, give you long and reliable performance.


  • Large, easy-to-open doors provide quick access to service items. Lube banks, filters, and checkpoints are grouped for added convenience.
  • Opening the left-side service door reveals clear access to the air filter, batteries, and coolers.
  • Large steps and handrail provide safe, easy to access atop the house where a hinged, vented panel raises to provide access to the engine and engine oil dipstick.
  • Vertical spin-on engine oil and fuel filters in the right read compartment allow ground-level servicing.

Better Visibility and Roomier Cab

  • When you take a look around this cab, you will notice that you can see all around. That’s due to 47% more right-hand window glass and a larger roof hatch. That gives the operator a commanding view of the trench and the worksite.
  • When you sit in this cab, you will notice that it’s bigger, has more legroom, and is more comfortable, with a suspension seat. It’s all about making the operator comfortable and more productive.

Cab Comfort

  • Redesigned cab isn’t just roomier, it’s also noticeably more comfortable. Silicone-filled cab mounts effectively isolate operators from noise and vibrations.
  • Automatic climate controls keep you cool when you need to be cool and warms things up when it’s cold outside.
  • Convenient 12-volt port powers cell phones and other electronic devices.

Joystick Controls

  • A fatigued operator is an unproductive operator. That’s why we redesigned the joystick controls to be shorter, which takes the effort out of repetitive movement. It’s the little things that mean a lot to your operator’s comfort and utilately his productivity. Like armrests that are mounted on the console instead of the seat for easier adjustment.

LCD Monitor

  • You don’t have to be a computer geek to operate the new user-friendly LCD multi-function monitor. Intuitive, multi-language monitor with four-colour LCD screen provides a wealth of info and control. Present hydraulic flow for different attachments and then choose them with the touch of a button.
  • Easy-to-read gauges, warning lights, diagnotistic messaging of sensors and switches enables the operator to quickly troubleshoot problems before they become catastrophes.
  • Monitor tracks up to 14 maintenance intervals and lets an operator check any of 32 machine operating parameters at the touch of a button.
  • Keep your eye on engine oil pressure, engine torque, coolant temperature, fuel temperature, and much more with this monitor.


  • Standard track 200D and long track 200D LC excavators deliver more swing torque, drawbar pull, and lift capacity, with less emissions and noise.
  • Powerwise III engine/hydraulic management system maximizes power output, saves fuel, and delivers smooth multifunction hydraulic operation.
  • Hydraulically driven fan runs only as needed, reducing noise, fuel consumption, and operating cots. Economical direct driven fan is optional.


  • Machine Information Center (MIC) captures and stores vital machine performance and utilization data to help improve uptime, productivity and profit.
  • Easy-to-open doors provide quick access to service items.
  • Lube banks, filters, and checkpoints are grouped for added convenience.


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