OTM Tracker

OTM Tracker

The Safest, Most Versatile and efficient material handler in the Rail Industry today.

Trusted by many Class 1 Railways, the proven and efficient OTM Tracker is a single, fully integrated track maintenance machine that safely moves from highway transport deck to the top of rail maintenance cars and back again in a matter of minutes maximizing your productivity and efficiency. Once elevated to the top of your maintenance cars, the OTM Tracker moves effortlessly from car to car enabling the management of all your track maintenance materials with unmatched dexterity, reach, lift and speed. Once your job is complete, the OTM Tracker can safely resume its highway transport position and be on its way to the next job site in only minutes. The OTM tracker saves you time and money, while reducing all important track downtime.




The OTM Tracker is the safest on track material handler in the rail industry. Safety features include:

  • Audible and visual warning devices
  • Three point contact for ingress and egress (operator cab)
  • Strategically positioned grab handles and safety steps
  • Safety guard on front window of operator cab
  • Counter balance valves on all lifting cylinders
  • Stabilizing clamps that anchor the OTM Tracker when on top of rail cars
  • Remote controlled operation of the OTM Tracker transfer system
  • Squat clamps that allow the OTM Tracker to lower itself into the rail car for increased clearance under bridges and tunnels.


Mobility is a key feature of the OTM Tracker System. The Brandt R4 Power unit and the OTM Tracker can travel on the road at full highway speeds or on rail at 40 miles per hour while pulling or pushing railcars. The conversion from road-to-rail or vice versa can be accomplished within any 30 foot crossing in three minutes.

Once at the work site, the Tracker unit moves from the trailer to the R4 Power Unit deck to rail car quickly and safely. It can climb onto a gondola car up to 12’ 6” in height and can move easily from one car to the next even if the cars have a 16” height difference.

Quality Platforms

The base for the Brandt R4 Power Unit is a Freightliner chassis with a 600 HP Cummins engine that produces more pulling power and enables higher travels speeds on road and rail. The OTM Tracker is a converted John Deere excavator with a purpose-built walking beam undercarriage, boom and arm. These premium brands deliver legendary quality as well as proven reliability and serviceability.


  • Industry Leading Reach - The boom and arm have been designed for greater reach and lifting capacity than any other car-topper system.
  • Operator Comfort - The OTM Tracker cab features air conditioning, 360 degree visibility, John Deere joystick controls and an ergonomic panel. Strategically placed safety steps and grab handles, along with its fall protection kit ensure operator safety.
  • Undercarriage Remote Control - A wireless remote control transfers the OTM Tracker from the trailer to the R4 Power Unit and then form the R4 Power Unit to the rail car. This allows the operator to remain on the ground while the transfer is being made.
  • GPS Tie Counting System - The tie ᴀle is provided to each operator to install on a USB stick that is installed into the Tie Counter. The electronic file defines where ties are to be placed accurately. Data such as GPS location, time, number of ties, railcar number, track, division, subdivision are recorded. Files can be downloaded and visible to all after each day of work for analysis and to maintain accurate records of the tie placement project.
  • Durable OTM Trailer - The low profile OTM Trailer (45,000 lbs. rating), transports the OTM Tracker and complies with the requirements for a legal load. Stepped pedestals on the trailer enable the OTM Tracker to climb under its own power from the trailer to the Brandt Power Unit.

OTM Systems

  • Brandt Power Unit
  • Parallel Lift Deck
  • OTM Trailer
  • OTM Tracker

Options and Attachments

  • Tie Grapple
  • Magnet
  • Clamshell Bucket
  • Pole Grapple
  • Remote Control
  • GPS Tie Counter


  • OTM-Tracker


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