Magnet Office with Take Off Option Training

Introduction to Magnet Office with Take Off Option 3 Day Training

At the completion of this three day course, the successful participant will confidently be able to: 
  • Start a new project
  • Configure new project settings
  • Customize Tool Bar
  • Import/ Export /Open different file types ie: .xml, .csv, .dxf, .tp3, .mjf, .mjo, .dwg, .txt, 
  • Edit/ Modify Data
  • Manage Layers and Groups
  • Use all snap modes
  • Insert a table
  • Calculate Inverses/ offsets/ areas and reports
  • Create a surface/ cut/fill colouring/ slope direction
  • Calculate volumes
  • Create stake reports, cut/fill reports
  • Insert an image or PDF to scale
  • Extract vectors from image
  • Elevating Techniques ie: Elevate from text/ leader text/ interpolate elevation along string
  • Create a 3D drawing from a PDF
Take Off
  • Create Materials Library
  • Insert Boreholes and Strata Data
  • Assign Layers and Materials 
  • Calculate Quantities and Costs
  • Create Design Surface
Registration Details

Date: April 4 - 6, 2017
Location: Brandt Tractor, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

Class Requirements
Notebook, Laptop (with licensed Magnet Office Site software), Mouse (with scroll wheel)